Release CIB pdf brewer 3.6.0


  • Initial implementation of PDF/UA creation
  • Extend invoice items in ZUGFeRD
  • Extended XRechnung (XML) so it supports attachments


  • Welcome page for new users update
  • Grouped icons in office ribbon have a group-icon now
  • Allow the preview document with annexed pages in CIB fairBrieft client
  • Hide MSO progress bar when converting Office files from context menu
  • Improvements when a doXisafe code already exists or is not valid
  • Improve handling of doXisafe synchronization
  • Several improvements for the Save & Share utility
  • UI improvements in doXisafe sharing utility
  • Improve workflow in Merge & Split
  • DPI awareness improvements


  • Fixed encrypt/decrypt problem while using defined labels as file name
  • Fixed error when uploading certain files to doXisafe from CIB pdf brewer
  • Merge & Split edition issues
  • ShipToTradeParty added to ZUGFeRD
  • ZUGFeRD MarkUp: korrektes Mapping von negativen Beträgen (Gutschrift)
  • XRechnung: Content in merged cells of excel sheet not converted to XML correctly
  • Fixed invoice typecode
  • Wrong calculation basis tax amount
  • Fixed invoice validation error when not using 4 decimal places
  • CIB fairBrieft: fixed issue with the number of pages displayed
  • CIB fairBrieft: duplex setting was ignored
  • Fixed issue regarding output extension
  • Several text typos were fixed
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