CIB pdf brewer 3.7.0

  • New Feature
    • Office add-in: E-Invoice wizard added to the Microsoft Word Addin
    • Office add-in: News with splash screen
  • Improvement
    • Improved user handling in CIB merge & split dialog
    • Several improvements for translations
    • Improved handling of existing shares in doxisafe option in the context menu
    • Update welcome page info regarding addin
    • Update elearning addin info
    • Updated Icons
  • Bug
    • Correctly process .lnk Files in the context menu
    • The location defined by user to save the outputs is ignored when saving from CIB AddIn
    • Error when creating the document even if the document was created
    • Issues with the progress bar
    • Officeconverter job is not canceled
    • Missing information in PDF after creation via Adobe Reader
    • Add brewer icon at the windows taskbar for encryption and decryption
    • CIB pdf brewer gave up working when selecting “merge & split” for encrypted files
    • Issues with specific document
    • Issue of “Decide for each document separately” when encrypting/decrypting > 1 documents
    • CIB pdf brewer crashes when Merge&Split with MS documents selected
    • Issue when cancelling the encryption option
    • x button in Encryption doesn’t work properly
    • Buyer ID (150,80,80) is not transferred to XML (ZUGFeRD)
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