CIB pdf brewer 3.10.0


  • Excel Add-In
  • Automatic address detection in CIB fairBrief (DE only, requires checkmask)
  • Flexible application name (license required)
  • AI compression
  • Invoice PDF (+ hybrid) custom opener


  • Context menu options in case no PDF document was selected
  • (CIB fairBrief) Support server URL in settings without ending slash
  • (CIB fairBrief) Several UI enhancements: icons, tooltips, proxy settings as in CIB pdf brewer, asynchronous processing, etc.
  • (CIB fairBrief) Auto reattempt of failed settings request
  • Provide right mime type in doXisafe uploads
  • XRechnung 1.2.2 support removed
  • LeitwegID no longer mandatory for XRechnung generation


  • JPEG 2000 input issue
  • Dialogs centered in PowerPoint Add-In
  • Proxy connection issue
  • Typo in proxy settings (DE)
  • (CIB fairBrief) Spurious crash on batch dump
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