Release CIB pdf brewer 3.5.0


  • Supporting UNC pathes inside CIB fairBrieft client
  • Integrate Code generator for Passwords and CIB doXisafe Codes
  • Use optionally inside CIB fairBrieft client the language settings of CIB pdf brewer
  • Use a new CIB doXiview starter, which can be find in open with for PDF files
  • Support simplex / duplex settings from CIB pdf brewer to be passed thru to CIB pdf brewer
  • Use own office converters to convert Microsoft Office files to PDF instead of print.
  • Added Support for ZUGFeRD TotalPrepaidAmount and DuePayableAccount
  • Display (test) inside CIB fairBrieft client, if a test user is used
  • Check all files added to CIB fairBrieft and convert then to PDF/A-3b, if they don’t comply to PDF/A
  • Support X-Rechnung 2.0


  • Improved localization in Microsoft Word Addin
  • Ignore case in the CIB fairBrieft config files keys
  • Improved translations inside CIB fairBrieft client
  • Don’t mark OWNER-PW encrypted PDFs anymore with an encryption symbol in file explorer anymore
  • Improved file explorer icons
  • Display also attached files in error window, if checkmask failes in CIB fairBrieft client,
  • Improved stability of Setup


  • Fixed a case, when there was no preview in CIB doXisafe generated share email.
  • Fixed correct saving of settings of the Microsoft Word Addin
  • Allowance and Charge can be combined now during CIB invoice toolbox
  • Fixed clicking Cancel on progress window, that no success is shown anymore
  • Fixed a case, when a configuration files could be corrupted during update
  • Fixed: An Update deletes settings from system wide configuration file inside the Microsoft Drivers Direcrory
  • Fixed positioning of signature fields, if they are inside a table
  • Fixed opening hybrid files, when opened from UNC pathes
  • Fixed a crash during pdf processing, when opening a special file
  • Fixed opening of files on CIB doXisafe. It could happen, that an empty web page is opned.
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Release CIB pdf brewer 3.2.0

  • Support ZUGFeRD 2.1 Generation
  • The CIB fairBrieft extension, which is your cost-effective way to send out real letters, has seen an overwork. You can e.g. add supplements to a letter now.
  • Inside CIB pdf brewer profiles you can also add front pages and footer pages to a newly generated document.
  • Many improvements and some bugfixes for the Merge & Split Window
  • Overall many improvements in usability, user interface, localizations for the whole product

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